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When we think of self care and self loving acts, the mind may default to manicures, spa days, treating yourself to brunch or a stroll on the beach. Whereas all of these things are lovely acts of self love and care, they do little for your inner beauty and wellbeing.

As I began my self love journey I was guided toward taking care of my energy. Being someone who was sensitive and quick to prioritise the needs of others before my own, I often found myself experiencing:

  • Burn out
  • Feeling drained of energy
  • Fatigue
  • Random fluctuations of energy

All of which had an impact on being able to stay on my A-game, my mood, my self esteem and ability to feel positive whilst enjoying life.

However, what I didnt realise is that feeling this way was down to my inability to set healthy boundaries and take care of my energy. Yet when I started to do these things I noticed a complete upward shift in my energy. In fact, I quickly came to realise that much of the heavy energy I experienced wasn’t even mine.

You may have noticed this in your own life where you are feeling energised, positive and confident then you meet up with a friend, enter the office or interact in a group online and then…..


Your energy levels begin to dip. Then, by the time you leave that person, office or group you feel drained of energy. Yet the other person seems to be strutting off into the sunset with this sudden burst of energy.

Sound familiar?

Yep, this was how it was for me too. Back then I mostly socialised with a group of women who never really felt good about themselves. Lacking confidence and a positive self image, which sometimes led to catty comments behind my back, backhanded compliments, kind words said with the energy of jealousy or just blatant bitching to my face.

Therefore, their vibe within them was low and being sensitive I was picking up on that. Taking it on as my own, whilst adding fuel to the insecurities I may have already been carrying.

It’s a bit like that quote:

“Before you diagnose yourself with depression or low self-esteem, first make sure that you are not, in fact, just surrounded by assholes.” ~ William Gibson

The term assholes is a bit strong. Yet, I’m sure you catch my drift…..

…..sometimes the low vibe or low self esteem you carry isn’t about you. It’s more about the people you are associating with.

This is why taking care of your energy and having boundaries is key to self esteem, self care and self love. In my own life I found it to be a game changer and I’m so glad that I was guided to focus on this at the start of my self love journey.

Over the years I’ve found many ways to manage my energy. Using a range of tools, techniques and practices when guided to. Yet, the one I share with you today is one that blends beauty and spirit. Offering benefits for both your spirit and your skin. #winwin

Dead Sea Salt Bath
A Dead Sea Salt bath will cleanse your body of physical and spiritual/energetic dirt, creating that sense of beautifying yourself from the inside out. You can read about the spiritual beauty benefits of salt baths here.

Now, there are other salts you can use, such as Himilayan (pink) Salt. However, I find that Himilayan salt feels almost glass like on my skin and dont like how that feels. Also, I recently read that its mined, in short supply and once it’s gone, it’s gone. Based on all of that, I’m now moving away from it but check what resonates with you.

1.  It’s good to have a salt bath once a month, around the Full Moon is a good choice because this is a time for release and letting go.

2.  Run a bath and add around 2 handfuls of your chosen salt. As an added extra you may want to add a few drops your favourite essential oil, such as Ylang Ylang or Rose oil. Both of these carry very self loving and feminine energies.

3.  Soak in your salt bath for around 20 minutes, setting the intention to release negative/low vibrations that are not used and do not serve your in the Highest. You can say this as a prayer or as a clear intention, aloud or quietly to yourself.

4.  As you let the water out imagine that this is all of the negative energy being drained away.

It’s important to say that no soaps, bubble baths or shower gel should be added to your salt bath.

And that’s all there is to it.

I would love to know how you get on so please comment below. Equally, if you are a lover of salt baths already please share your experiences or ritual suggestions in the comments. Finally, if you need support with managing your energy or advice on purchasing Dead Sea Salt then feel free to get in touch with me directly. 

Please consult your doctor if you are worried about fatigue, energy fluctuations or any other symptoms mentioned in this article. This information is not a substitute for medical advice.


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