I manifested an ex back many a time.

At least that’s what I thought.

Each time that he came back into my life I thought that things would be different. That this time would be the time when we would have our happily ever after.

Sadly, it was the never the case.

Before long, the same issues, insecurities, patterns and plain old shit would arise. Leading us both down the same road. Arriving at the same outcome.


Eventually our souls, God and the Angels must have had enough because there came a point where there was no going back.

Looking back now, with the gifts of time, distance, wisdom, experience and hindsight, I can see that: I hadn’t been manifesting an ex back. Instead I had been manifesting the lessons I’d missed (and kept missing).

And that’s the thing I learned……

……Our soul has an agenda. We have our ideals. At a deeper level our soul is in agreement. However, the soul knows what needs to revealed, released, healed, loved, learned, overcome……in order for our ideal to be met and received.

Therefore, when calling my ex back into my life, my soul delighted at giving me another chance to finally learn the lesson, to heal a wound and ultimately play the game of love differently this time. Unfortunately, it took me a while to get it because I was so focused on having what I wanted.

You see, I’ve come to understand that God, the Universe….want us to be happy and co-create with them to manifest our dreams into reality. Yet, what tends to happen is that we…..

….get in our own way. Creating blocks and resistance where flow and ease should lead to Divine alignment.

If only we would bring the focus back to ourselves things would be so much easier.

And with a big nudge from the Angels I found myself doing exactly that.

As I started to focus on me: healing my wounds and integrating the lessons I started to see my ex in a whole new light. Instead of falling for him, I started to fall in love with myself.

Over a period of time, I began to regain my self worth. Began to see myself as enough. I learned to fully accept myself, warts and all.

With that my taste in men changed. (I definitely didn’t want my ex back when he came knocking.) My ideals, wants and desires changed. Most of all me and my relationship with myself did a positive 360. I was actually becoming the woman I was created to be. Which is what healing and self love will do for you.

And that’s the thing, for many, the desire to manifest an ex back or simply manifest true love, is really about loving and accepting yourself. Something that each and every one of us are capable of doing.

I’m not saying it’ll be easy or that it’ll all fall into place overnight. I am saying that you are worthy of being loved by yourself and others. And if I can make that shift, you can too.

It just takes an initial first step and consistent action. So, what’s the first step that you can take today to honour yourself and prioritise you?

Right now, with us being in Virgo season and September it’s brought a healing and releasing vibe. Making it a great time to start letting go of the past, healing your heart and fiercely loving YOU!

When it comes to love the one place where we tend to build barriers and create blocks is within the heart chakra.

Now, there are many ways to release any barriers and stagnant energy. One simple yet effective way is meditation and reciting affirmations.

Click here for some sample affirmations and a forgiveness statement. Mix, match and tweak as appropriate. Recite them during your daily meditation session or whilst applying your makeup/getting ready in the morning. Whatever suits your lifestyle most.



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