How to trust yourself

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There have been so many times when I’ve doubted and not fully trusted myself. Yes, me with the direct hotline to spirit! Even now, after years of developing my connection to Source, spirit and my higher self, I have times when the temptation to not trust myself reigns supreme.

However, just like you, I’ve learned the hard way that when you don’t trust yourself and the guidance that comes from within, you soon regret it. Which is why it’s key to learn how to trust yourself and listen to the wisdom that comes from within.

I’ve found that by being able to trust myself I have been able to follow my intuition and make decisions with increased confidence.

I mean imagine how much easier life would be if you felt that you could trust yourself more when it comes to dating, making career choices and going for new opportunities?

It would be a lot easier right?

So, let me help you out by sharing 3 tips that you can implement now to get you started with learning how to trust yourself.

1. Listen to your body

Your body will often give you an indication about people, places and situations. You know that feeling that you get in your tummy, that sharp pain that you suddenly get in your head or that expanded feeling you get in your chest? It means something. Begin noticing how your body responds when you get good vibes and bad vibes. When you’re in situations and around people that you love and those that drive you insane. Learn to interpret those sensations for yourself and trust it.

2. Start believing in yourself

Most of the time you don’t trust yourself because you don’t believe in yourself. Preoccupied by all the times that you thnk that you made the wrong choice, seriously fucked up or have been told/made to feel stupid, you’ve learned not to believe in you and your ability to make appropriate choices for your life. It’s time to forgive and love you because it’s not easy to trust someone that you can’t forgive or love. What makes you lovable + amazing? Recall the times when trusting yourself paid divends.

3. Raise your vibration

When you are feeling doubtful and confused you tend to slip into a lower vibration. In a lower vibrational state it’s hard to connect to the voice within and trust yourself. Clearing and raising your vibration supports you in elevating yourself out of that density. When your vibration is higher your energy expands, you can think a little clearer and are more open to synchroncities that guide you along your path.

If you’ve had years of not trusting yourself then it may be a little unrealistic to think that you’ll develop that trust overnight. Although, miracles definitely happen. However, from experience I’ve found that you need to practise. Taking the time to know yourself, connect to your body and build a positive relationship with yourself. So, don’t feel the need to rush or berate yourself. Be kind and value yourself in the way that you others. You’re worth it.

I’ll be sharing more inspiration + support on my Facebook + Instagram stories this week. Click on the links and follow now. You don’t want to miss out! You can also contact me privately via the Contacts page on the website. With much love + gratitude to you and yours. x


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