Heart healing + love attraction crystals

I thought I’d share a few of my fave heart healing crystals. These are crystals that I was guided to at a point in my life when my heart chakra was healing.

When I was guided to these crystals I didn’t know they all resonated with the heart chakra. Instead, I simply allowed myself to be guided and trusted. Which is my best piece of advice when working with crystals!

Crystals are energy and they vibrate at a constant vibration. Supporting you to raise our vibe, balance, cleanse, align…..when you connect with its energy. Therefore, if you feel drawn to a crystal then it’s likely that the crystal has ‘chosen you’ and you can reap the benefits of working with it.

So, if you’re not feeling any of these crystals then know that that’s ok. Trust that feeling and allow yourself to be guided to what you need personally.

A rather epic heart healing crystal which is most effective for deep emotional healing, including soulmate and past lives.

What Rhodochrosite does best is bring those suppressed old wounds to the surface and to your awareness. This isn’t about revisiting the past or reliving the pain. Instead it’s about seeing and identifying so that it can be healed, addressed and released.

It’s good to have this crystal with you during a healing session or meditation to facilitate that healing process.

Rhodochrosite has more of a gentle and soothing energy. Therefore, it supports you to go through the healing process gradually and at your own pace.

Rose Quartz
The most well known crystal for love that there is. Rose Quartz has been used in many a love, healing and attraction ritual, as well as being used as a talisman for love.

Vibrating at the frequency of love this crystal can show you your own personal barriers to love. Then, if you choose to, you can work with it intentionally to support you in releasing those barriers.

Yet, it’s also a crystal that promotes forgiveness, compassion + self love others, as well as yourself. Therefore, don’t be surprised if when working with Rose Quartz you are guided towards forgiveness and finding love within, as well as for yourself.

Green Aventurine
Another heart healing stone yet one that comes with an element of vitality and good luck.

Resonating with the heart chakra it brings balance to this chakra. So, you find that any lessons of the heart that you need to learn, eg: over-giving, learning to say no or healthy boundaries, Green Aventurine will highlight those to you. Therefore, giving you the opportunity to take care of yourself and open yourself up to receiving.

A beautiful Crystal to work with when rebuilding your sense of self worth and deserving.

You can blend your heart healing crystals into your life in whatever way suits you. Carrying them with on a daily basis, meditating with them or having them with you during your healing session.

Sometimes the energy shifts are quick and at other times it can be a more gradual process, something that is most likely when working with Rhodochrosite. Notice the shifts when they do occur and any external occurrences which may be leading you in a new direction. Who knows where or to whom it may lead!

It’s also not uncommon and I’ve known it possible for the energy shifts, mixed with being proactive, leading to attracting new opportunities or rekindling existing connections in love.

Yet, if nothing else it will set you on the path to realising the greatest love of all is within you and is you. It was there all along!

If you wanted to know more about crystals then click on any of the links below. You can also experience a Spiritual Crystal Healing session with me or you can add a Crystal Reading to any of my treatments or services, including manicures. Please also contact me here to order a Heart Healing Crystal Pouch.

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