Embrace Your Wild Side: SS19 Nail Trends

As well as being into all bits spiritual I love nails and trained in beauty, as well as being certified in Gelcolor with Opi. So, I’m always keeping an eye on the nail trends for the upcoming season and obviously trying them out for myself.

I’ve decided to share some of the looks that I create and give you a little heads up on the latest nail art looks. Just in case you want to try them out yourself. After all, we are in a 3 global year which is all about self-expression and creativity. An easy way to do that is through nails and nail art.

And, if you’re over the 30 age mark, like moi, it doesn’t mean that you can’t get creative either.


Zebra Print

Maybe you are not ready to go all out with full-on zebra nails. So, why not decorate 1 or 2 accent nails and go for a flirty, pale pink on the others.

I’ve used gel polish for both the shorter nails and press-on nail set. However, this look could also be created with regular polish.

Take a pretty walk on the wild side with these hand-painted press-on nails.
Click on the image to purchase and inquire.


To create the illusion of leather nails simply swap your glossy top coat for a matte top coat.

I remember trying this out at the back end of last year. I absolutely loved the look and received lots of lovely compliments about my nails.

Leopard Print

Leather + Leopard print hand-painted press-on nails.
Click on the image to purchase or to inquire.

If you are feeling brave go for full leopard print claws, using nude or pale pink base.

Not feeling that brave?

Decorate with a hint of leopard print. Mixing trends with leather and pale pink too.

Which trend will you be trying out for SS19? Comment below. Click here to enquire about purchasing your own hand-painted zebra or leopard print press-on nails.


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