#fullmoonvibes: Shake it off

In the style of Mariah what are you ready to say goodbye to?

Full Moons will often reveal to you what you are ready to release for soul and personal growth. Eclipse will no doubt amplify, intensify and make you more aware of what is ready to be released.

It can be as painful, frustrating, challenging or annoying as you allow it to be. Less resistance tends to win the day.

Ending of cycles and what to release will undoubtedly look differently for everyone, depending on where you’re at right now. However, anything related to relationships, thoughts + beliefs of not being enough/worthy or unhealthy behaviours, as well as regret around situations that haven’t gone to plan (especially in love).

  • What’s been feeling icky lately?
  • What’s been tried and tested and is no longer working for you?
  • Will you muster up the courage to kiss it goodbye?

With love 💋✌


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