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Magical New Moon Manifesting


Each month during the new moon phase you are gifted with the opportunity to begin again and plant the seeds of your beautiful intentions. In the lead up to the new moon, you are greeted by the waning moon who invites you to pause and release any pent-up energy that will not serve you. From here the moon waxes and moves into the new moon phase which is the time when it is ripe for you to set your new intentions or simply give yourself an energetic reboot if you are working towards the manifestation of a bigger dream.

Clarity is key when setting your new intentions. However, if you ate struggling in the darkness it may be a luxury that alludes you at this time. In the absence of a trusted coach, psychic or friend, buddy up with your crystal ally: Clear Quartz. This beautiful crystal offers clarity and insight, shining a light in even the darkest of tunnels. If you need to then take the time to step back to rest, find peace within and balance before setting your intentions. It’s often tempting to go from one thing to another yet if your body is saying “no” and your mind is frazzled, then the gift of rest can be the exact tonic that you need.

Tools you need





What to do

Find a space where you will not be disturbed. Turn off your phone and eliminate all distractions. Create the vibe that you want with music, candles and incense – whatever works best for you.

Light your sage and cleanse yourself, as well as your space. When you do this allow yourself to be guided to the spaces and areas that need the most energy clearing. You could also do this through prayer and intention, if Sage is not your thing.

Welcome God, the Angels or your spirit guides into your space. You don’t need a script or any special words, all you need to do is speak from your heart.

Centre yourself through your heart, with your breath. Breathing into your heart space until you feel relaxed and calm. Connecting to your heart will support you in setting intentions from this space, rather than over-thinking and going into your ego.

In your journal write your goals, dreams and intentions. What it is that you want to experience and feel. Do so in the first person, ideally using “I am” statements, and really tune into the energy of what it will feel like living the life, as well as having what you desire. Eg: I am enjoying my new job because I am working for a down-to-earth, kind and compassionate boss who is so supportive.

Hold your candle in your hand and dedicate it to manifesting your intentions and what you want to experience into reality. Light the candle and spend some time visualising your intentions, goals and dreams manifesting into form.

Before you snuff out your candle be sure to thank your spiritual team for their divine guidance, love and protection.

Re-light the candle whenever you feel drawn too and repeat the visualisation process.

And that’s it. Remember to honour where you are at and release whatever resistance you feel coming up in relation to the manifestation of your dreams, goals and intentions. This can be done in whatever way feels right for you, be it reiki healing, prayer or coaching. In doing so, you clear the space for what you want and deserve to have in your life, as well as being the amazing woman you were created to be. May you enjoy your new moon ritual.

Have your own new moon ritual? I’d love to hear your rituals, stories or manifesting questions, so feel free to comment below or send me a private message here.


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