Energy 101: 3-step energy routine

Lately, I’ve been hearing a lot of women talking about feeling energetically in the funk. That is feeling:

  • Drained
  • Tired
  • Stressed
  • Anxious

Maybe it’s because we are approaching the holiday season or is that you are holding on to energy that isn’t yours?


Back in 2009, I was taught how to raise my vibration, ground, clear and protect my energy. Simple energy management tools that changed my life forever. Prior to this, I was one of the women who fell into ‘sensitive’ category and was absorbing the energy of everything, as well as everyone around me. Blissfully unaware that the majority of what I was experiencing wasn’t mine to claim or own as my own.

This is something that I’m increasingly seeing many women (and guys) continuing to experience today. So, in this space, I am going to share the energy management tips and techniques that I was taught back then, alongside those acquired since then. Sharing in the hope that I inspire and support you to reclaim your own energy, as well as your power.

Daily energy routine

As a beauty and skincare lover, I’ve come to compare managing my energy in my skincare routine, something that I have heard Kyle Gray suggests and it’s something that makes perfect sense to me.

There are 3 key steps to my skincare routine that I practice twice daily – once in the morning and once in the evening. Those key steps are:

  • Cleansing
  • Toning
  • Moisturising

and this is exactly what I do with my energy.


At this stage, you remove all of the dirt, impurities, and make-up that has built up during the day or night. When it comes to your energy it’s important to cleanse too. Removing the energy that has attached itself to you and is not optimal for your wellbeing.

When you cleanse your energy you let go of all of that funky, dense and heavy energy. It also means that you feel better and lighter. This also helps you to recognise what isn’t yours and notice when denser energy is coming your way.


In your skincare routine toner also has cleansing qualities, yet it’s primary function is to bring the skin’s ph level into balance. On an energetic basis, it’s about bringing your own energy into balance, once you’ve cleansed of what no longer serves you. This involves increasing that connection with yourself and your own innate goodness, which is a beautiful way of also recognising your worth.

When you tone your energy you are remembering your own greatness and standing in your own power. In doing so, you instantly raise your own vibration and feel better about yourself. Something which is so valuable to your success, the ability to manifest and feel good.


When you moisturise your skin you are sealing the goodness that you have put into your skin. When you moisturise on an energetic level you are doing the same thing, whilst protecting your energy too.

This step of protecting your energy is one that everyone tends to reach for first, before the other steps. Whilst protecting your energy is important what you find is that you’re holding onto the energy that isn’t optimal for your wellbeing, sealing it in place with your protection techniques. Over time, you end up building and storing up energy that’s not serving you.

Energy management techniques

  • Invite Archangel Michael into your meditation. Ask him to cut/dissolve all cords, hooks and attachments to people, places, experiences, memories and/or situations across all dimensions of time.
  • During meditation spend time expressing gratitude to yourself and the fact that you are simply showing up for yourself. Bring to your awareness of what makes you great and honour that. Two Archangels who can really support you here are Jophiel (honouring your beauty) and Raziel (remembering your gifts & Divine magic within).
  • Grounding your energy by visualising roots from your feet travelling down through the layers of the Earth and wrapping around a beautiful red crystal that energises you.
  • Visualise yourself in a pyramid of protection filled with white light, although some prefer purple light. Set the intention for the light to transmute any real or perceived negative energy, keeping you protected.
  • Through prayer and intention call on Archangel Michael to wrap you in his blue coat of protection. This is great for those moments when you feel the shift in the energy coming your way and you want to protect yourself energetically.

So there you have a few techniques that you can begin to use in order to manage your energy. Also, don’t forget to use the gift of asking your guides or the Angels if what you are experiencing is yours or not. If it’s not yours, then you can clear it and implement the above steps. If it is yours then you can take the action to get to the root of the problem and clear what’s not good for you.


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