Why you don’t need a sign

For this first post I wanted to talk about signs. At the moment, there seems to be trend where people are desperately seeking signs. Feeling frustrated and fearful when their sign isn’t showing up or anxious because they haven’t yet worked out what their sign is. But here’s the thing wanting and needing a sign isn’t necessary. It could also be slowing down your manifestation.

Now, don’t get me wrong I love to ask for and receive signs from above, finding that it supports me in making decisions, whilst bringing comfort at random moments. However, the absence of a sign doesn’t take away from my relationship with God, the Angels and my guides. Let me explain a little more.

Receiving a sign from God is not just about receiving that sign or answer to your prayer, it’s part of creating and sustaining the connection to God. At the core of this is that inner knowing that God, your Angels and guided are around you and have your back. It’s about knowing that you can call on whoever you believe in whenever you need to. So, if you know that this to be true in your heart and soul, does agonising of a sign really helping that connection?

When you’re pushing for a sign or stressing over what that signs means you’re adding fear, doubt and anxiety into the mix. And you don’t need me to tell you that these feelings do little to aid your manifestation. Instead what can happen is that you create a situation where you become more reliant on the sign than your own inner wisdom and divine connection to source. The danger here is that the more disconnected you become the more likely it is that you will attach meaning to signs that do not have real meaning. Making decisions that are based upon something other than your heart and soul.

What I’ve come to learn about signs is that you have to trust your own inner guidance system to discern what they mean. Sometimes the signs mean nothing other that your team from above checking in with you to say: “Hi, we see you and we still have you back”. Many times those signs are just about bringing you back into alignment with the present moment.

For example, you may be stressing, future tripping and over-thinking when you suddenly see the number sequence 1414. It may not mean that the guy you met last night is The One. It could just be the energies around you saying: “Stop over-thinking and come back into the present moment.” Guiding you out of your head and back into your heart.

What I’ve learnt is that receiving signs is awesome but it’s not compulsory and not all signs have this deep, significant meaning. Some signs are just a wink from above and the absence of a sign means nothing at all. Instead what’s most important is that strong relationship that you build with yourself and the energies around you.

Being able to take the time to tune in, converse, listen to and be open to receiving whatever you have to share with each other. Nurture those connections and you’ll never go far wrong, nor will you become reliant on receiving signs. You’ll just know and trust that you are always being guided, loved, supported and protected.


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