chanelmarieChanel Marie

Blending spirituality + beauty to support you to feel beautiful from the inside out.

Chanel is a psychic, energy healer + beautician who has featured in magazines such as Spirit + Destiny and OM Times.

Working with spirit guides, ascended masters and angels, she offers guidance and insight into your situation or specific areas of your life, such as relationships, career, business or spiritual development.

Blending practical advice and solutions with spiritual insight, you will also come away with tips, tools and practices that support you in your daily life.

A newer aspect of her work blends spirituality and beauty. Releasing energy blocks and limiting stories, whilst enjoying a personalised beauty treatment to support you in feeling beautiful from the inside out.

If you are searching for answers, struggling in the darkness or simply feel disconnected Chanel and her spiritual team can guide to the answers and light that lie within. Ultimately, guiding you back to the real you.

Chanel is also a certified Angelic Reiki Master attuned by Danica Apolline and has worked with international psychic medium + teacher Hazel Lee. She is also a VTCT qualified beautician and certified gel manicurist having completed the OPI Gelcolor course. She was also the founder of Soul Story London, which was nominated for best website in Soul + Spirit magazine in 2016. Click on the banner below to read Chanel’s published articles.


Chanel Marie